Monkshood safety

Asked May 25, 2020, 5:02 PM EDT

So I stopped at my local seasonal garden center for some plants for my yard and brought home something commonly called wolfsbane or “monkshood” as the label said. Turns out it’s poisonous and I’m thinking about returning it. Anyone else ever plant this who can give me some guidance or reassurance that it’s not too dangerous? I have a cat who goes out on supervised walks on a leash but I’m also concerned about other animals’ safety. Thank you for your response in advance. -KT It is the this variety:

Oakland County Michigan

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If you have pets or children who might come in contact with it, I would not plant it.
Many common garden plants are toxic – particularly when eaten; some are skin irritants when the plant sap contacts skin. This species of Monkshood should be kept a distance from vegetable garden rows containing root vegetable plants, according to the following:
There are many plant lists based on toxicity, and if you use resources from University Extensions you will have reliable information.