Concolor Fir issue?

Asked May 25, 2020, 11:21 AM EDT

We have 3 Concolor Firs that we installed as part of our landscape late last summer. Two of the three are showing signs of new growth, but the third is not. Instead, it seems to be growing pine cones in the top section and is a bit more dull in overall appearance than the others. Is this is a sign of disease or some other problem?

Livingston County Michigan

1 Response

As with all firs they do develop cones which grow up instead of down like on a pine. When trees spend energy putting out seeds, often the new growth is slowed as energy went to seed development. These trees produce foliage later. The color still looks good on the one developing cones. Is it in the same light all day as the others? Is it downhill in a spot that gets more water? If it stays too wet in this spot it could stress the tree and damage roots. I cannot tell from the picture. I would give it a few more time for new growth to emerge.