Bee on landing board

Asked May 24, 2020, 7:38 PM EDT

What is a bee doing who is on the landing board with head down looking like she mights be “smelling“ the board. Just going back a and forth for more than 3 minutes in a very small area 3 Sq inches.

Camden County New Jersey

1 Response

The bee could be searching for any number of things. Sometimes insects will look for salt to consume (not necessarily what this one is doing), sometimes looking for sugar solutions, sometimes looking for protein, or any number of behaviors. Do you mean a "landing board" as in associated with a bee hive?

I do not have much experience working with honey bees. Is this the type bee you are referencing. It is difficult for me to say what is occurring without any pictures or what type of bee we are discussing. The insect may have been unfamiliar with this board and wondered why it was there so was investigating. Maybe it was not a member of the bee colony and was looking for an entrance? You may wish to resubmit your question with more detail and request someone with bee experience to address your question when submitted if it continues and seems to be an issue.