Peach and apple leaves disease

Asked May 24, 2020, 3:57 PM EDT

Our peach and apple trees seems to have been affected this year with some bugs/fungus! Please help us identify the issue and treatment methods! Thank you so much Shanmu

Washington County Oregon

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Thank you for the images.

The peach tree has Peach Leaf Curl, a very common fungus disease. The best you can do this year is to collect and discard all affected leaves on the tree, also those that drop.

The rest of the management program relies on 2 spray applications each year, 1) one in spring (usually February) before flower buds open, 2) the other in the fall at 50 percent leaf drop.
Choose from:
- Monterey Liqui-Cop
- Ortho MAX Garden Disease Control

If the tree is sizeable, consider hiring a pest control company to do the job as they have appropriate equipment, also a larger choice of spray products. You may need to phone around to locate a company which treats fruit trees.

The apple tree may have aphids inside the curled leaves. Or they may now be gone. In either case, new leaves which form will be fine. So, if aphids were present, early next spring keep an eye out for them and their damage. As soon as you see them, blast them off the leaves with a harsh water spray from the hose.