Silver maple leaf, curled and blackened

Asked May 24, 2020, 11:34 AM EDT

What is causing the leaves to do this? What can I do to correct/prevent it?

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

We think this looks like cold damage and possibly some anthracnose, a fungal disease. Many plants were lured out of dormancy and then were hit with frosts and cold temperatures recently. These damaged portions will eventually drop out. If the tree is otherwise healthy, it will push out new growth this spring/summer. No control is necessary.

Anthracnose - These trees can be susceptible to anthracnose, a fungal disease due to the cool wet weather we are experiencing. This is an early-season disease and many tree species will develop new foliage to replace diseased leaves. It is possible you may notice leaf drop and control is not needed.
You can send us more photos this season if you notice additional symptoms.