Rose and bleeding heart problems

Asked May 23, 2020, 10:06 PM EDT

Can you help me identify what is wrong with my rose and bleeding heart? The bleeding heart is small and not flowering. The leaves were yellow and now have rust spotz The rose leaves are covered in tiny white dots See photos

Montgomery County Maryland

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We can't say definitively what (disease issue? cold damage?) is going on with your rose and bleeding heart plant seeing just a couple of leaves and without any other information.
We can tell you that we are seeing and hearing of a great deal of damage that was done to tender leaves and new growth when we had belated frosts earlier this month.

What percentage of each plant is affected? If it is less than 30 percent or so, we would suggest just waiting and monitoring.
Otherwise, we'd need more photos and details such as how old the plants are, how they are watered, what kind of sun they get, have any pesticides or herbicides been applied in the yard? Photos can be attached directly to this reply using the Choose File tabs below.
As for roses, keep an eye out for the problematic rose slug sawfly larvae that is feeding now. Here is a page describing that:

Blackspot disease and powdery mildew and later japanese beetles also bother roses.