what's wrong with our radishes?

Asked May 23, 2020, 2:18 PM EDT

For several years we have grown radishes that were superb! But the past two years, including this spring of 2020, most of our radishes have blemishes and split open. I can clean them up and prepare them to eat (and they do taste OK) but something is happening that is not good! I hope you can help me out on this.

Alpena County Michigan

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Thank you for your question. We all see those pictures of the perfect bunch of radishes; however, radishes can have problems. Radishes can crack or split because of age or a sudden increase in soil moisture. Prompt harvesting and even soil moisture can help. Radishes can also have pests. The shoulder nibbles could be slugs, although there can be other culprits (mice, cabbage maggots. etc.) Some non- toxic slug bait can help. Don't give the slugs a place to hide. Rotating crops will be a benefit. Don't follow root crops with root crops.
I hope this helps,

Yes, it did help a lot. So far this season I have not noticed slugs. We have had field mice and voles in the past, but have not had them so far either. We did have an infestation of gophers, which was probably one of the culprits; thankfully I think we have these darlings beaten! As I look back through our last season's records, I find that we planted radishes there at the end of July; also because of pump problems several weeks ago, the soil dried out some. Once we got the watering system back to normal, we watered quite well, so that was probably the cause of the splittings. On the plus side, the radishes were still quite tasty!
Thanks so much!