Funguses in gardens

Asked May 22, 2020, 8:38 PM EDT

I have four gardens that are around 20 years old, ( planted by Joy creek nursery in 1998), mostly natives and wild or hybrid roses. I moved here to SW Portland in a forested area 6 years ago, and have been caring for the gardens. There are extensive problems with the hellebores, the Rhodedendrons (8 large ones) and roses. Also Rust in two gardens, on several kinds of plants. The roses have black spot, and the hydrangeas in the rose yard are turning yellow leaves with black spots. The Azealeas look really bad, and all the Rhodies clearly have multiple fungal issues that are severe. I have never fertilized or applied fungicide. I just bought Bonide Infuse which is a granular fungicide to be sprinkled on the ground. I also got some Malibu Bu compost and put it on a few plants which seem to be benefitting. I read about using hydrogen peroxide on the roots (diluted), as a drench. I am overwhelmed by the number of plants that need help.... So, wondering about stripping diseased leaves, cleaning up debris, applying fungicide granules and then the compost. Like what order to do this as well. Please help!

Multnomah County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. You have so many plant issues, and we probably can’t help with any of them without clear photos of each. We cannot recommend any treatments without a positive ID of the plants and the issues. Please provide clear photos for each problem. Thank you.