Asked May 22, 2020, 4:22 PM EDT

Have 30 year old male ginkgo tree. This year leaf shoots appear dead ( brown). May be due to late frost. Will tree have leaves this year. Will it recover.

Livingston County Michigan

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You are quite correct that this is freeze damage. Many reports have been coming in especially on Ginkgo and plants that had newly emerging tissue at the time of the freeze. Be patient, the tree will start pushing out new buds and by mid-summer, you should not notice the dead leaves.

I see ginkgo is coming back but see an unusual amount of inch worms . Is thi an issue

There have been lots of reports on inch worms this year....could you possibly take a photo and upload it in a new question? Also, do you see small holes in the leaves as a result of the feeding? Or perhaps they are feeding on an oak nearby?