Honey bees in building

Asked May 22, 2020, 4:06 PM EDT

Hello, Some honey bees have created a hive in a hollow space in a wood deck structure. It is too close to the living space to leave it be, but can a bee keeper come and remove it some how? If so, who can I contact?


Multnomah County Oregon

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Hi, if it is honey bees and they are building a nest, you will need someone willing to do what is called a cut-out. If they have just arrived, then it is considered a swarm. If it is a colony of yellowjackets, then a professional exterminator will do the job.

The Portland Urban Beekeepers Association and the Portland Metro Beekeepers Association should have beekeepers that will be willing to come out to retrieve honey bees. I suggest that you look at their websites then contact them for assistance.