Compost source

Asked May 22, 2020, 1:50 PM EDT

Hi, Until I get my own compost going, I’d like to find a source for about 5 yards of good quality, mature compost that’s also affordable! Someone wanted to charge me $500 for two yards! I am switching to a no till method that requires a good layer of compost on top of the soil. I’m not interested in soil that’s been mixed with compost. I want actual compost from plant material. I live in Grand Rapids, can anybody help with this? Thanks, Julie Goble

Kent County Michigan

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I am sorry but we cannot refer to commercial companies or brands. I did check on line and found several operators. You can also check with the Association of Grand Rapids Landscape Professionals under member services. You should expect that the company will provide you with a nutrient analysis to ensure quality. The compost should be weed-free, but you can expect a few seeds to get through the composting process.