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Asked May 22, 2020, 12:33 PM EDT

The first picture shows what happened to my oak last year. It went crazy pushing leaves out of the top. Eventually it sent out another branch that started growing up. Now with the heavy rains it got top heavy and bent over. Finally I have tied to fence post for support. What caused the leaf explosion out of the shoot last year and what can else might i do to save the tree? Is it worth saving? It was a seedling that sprouted in the yard about 3 years ago. Thanks

Saline County Kansas

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Not sure what the problem was last year (possibly transplant shock) but this year's growth looks good. Definitely worth saving. Good idea to give it some support so it doesn't break at the connection but give it room to move some. The tree will react to being able to move by strengthening the trunk and the connection between the trunk and leader branch. If it is held rigid, it will remain weak.


Just noticed it was a volunteer and not transplanted. Not sure what caused the lack of extension last year.