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Asked May 21, 2020, 3:21 PM EDT

Please see the photos attached and tell me what kind of tree this is. I suspect Pignut Hickory, but I never see any hickory nuts, not on the tree or the ground. I've lived here many years. If it is hickory, why no nuts?

Washington County Maryland

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This looks like a chestnut oak, a fairly rare oak these days. Oaks are notorious for being slow to produce acorns.

Here are photos from the Maryland Biodiversity Project:

You can also search pignut hickory on that site to compare the leaves.


Thanks, Ellen.

Is there a chance it's a hickory? Or is it absolutely a chestnut oak? (I know it's not always easy to ID trees.)

Is there a way to tell absolutely by looking at the wood? I can cut some dead branches and look, if I knew what to look for.

I've been searching hard for hickory (I smoke meat) and can't seem to find any in my area. Thank you.

These are not hickory. They are chestnut oaks. They look very different from each other.

Here is what hickory looks like:
It has a long pointed leaflets on a long leaf that is actually compound, which means it has 7-9 leaflets coming off of it.


Thank you Ellen. So I have another tree in my yard that I suspect with a higher degree of confidence of being a hickory. But I've been wrong before.

Could you look at the three pictures attached and tell me if this one is a hickory? I love trees and now that I'm retired I have more time to try to learn about them. Unfortunately I don't know much.

Does look like a hickory.

Here's a page that give more tips to identify a hickory:

Because of the bark, we think this may be a mockernut hickory (it is not a shagbark hickory):

You can look at many photos of hickories in Maryland at Maryland Biodiversity online.


Ellen, thank you very much I may have more questions from time to time..Is this a good place to continue asking? Let me know when my quota is reached.

There's no quota, but you might was to get a good tree id book you could have fun with.