Marshall strawberries not developing

Asked May 21, 2020, 2:41 PM EDT

12 marshall strawberry plants were ordered from Raintree Nursery and arrived in the fall of 2019. 4 plants were put in a new raised bed, 8 were potted in 2 gal containers. Today the foliage is looking great but the berries are not developing. Plants grew stems with blossoms starting 3-4 weeks ago, but after a small "button" starts there is no further growth, and the stems seem to lose their strength and wilt. The plants are in 3 different locations and all have the same problem. I picked and planted these berries in the 1950-1960 era and do not remember this situation. Berries rotting due to wet spring is common, but we"re not getting berries. A call to Raintree Nursey was no help at all.

Washington County Oregon

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There may be a couple of issues:
1) these are 'first year' plants so berry production will be low
2) There may be lack of pollination

If it's (2) then you will see small fruit but they will never mature. It's more obvious on fruit trees.
Since the plants look really healthy, I think they will do better next year