Giant Bee Spotted In Garage

Asked May 21, 2020, 8:39 AM EDT

A giant bee was spotted in my garage by my daughter last week. She said she has never seen a bee as large in her life. Says the buzz sound was real loud. I’m concerned that this might be a killer bee that I’ve read about. Please contact me what I should do To get rid of this or these monster size bees. Thank you. Cheryl Wright Flint, MI 48503

Genesee County Michigan

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Greetings. Don't worry, that wasp is not in Michigan. Here is an article written by one of our entomology specialists that will explain. Just so you know, there are many types of native wasps and bee queens flying now, looking for a place to make a nest. Some are desirable, while others are not. Believe it or not, native wasps are "good guys" in our ecosystem, killing off many other types of insects. Read more here...

Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I appreciate your expert advice that no killer bees are in Michigan. I have to assume that this was a bee on steroids.

Thanks again.