Rhubarb sadness

Asked May 20, 2020, 8:43 PM EDT

My rhubarb was one big beautiful girl since I planted it about 5 years ago. Last year it was getting very large so in the spring I split it into thirds, replanted two not far away from where it had been, and gave one away. Last year and again this year they have red spots on the leaves, the stalks appear distorted and it just looks like a miserable mess. I have attached pictures, and have erased the tears of sadness from the leaves. What could be wrong? Thank you for your assistance.

Sherburne County Minnesota

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There is an old adage regarding transplants. The first year they sleep the second year they creep the third year they leaf. Give them another year to recover. It took 5 years for it to achieve its size it is going to take several years to achieve its former glory.