Bees in the eaves

Asked May 20, 2020, 5:34 PM EDT

I want to safely move ( along ) what I think Is a Bumble bee hive in the eaves of our house. It is a good 15 feet above the front door, and am concerned about our safety. I also am a bit concerned with the mess they are making, I think something is dripping from the hive/nest. So the question is: what is the safest way to move them along? I do not want to harm them if that can be avoided.

Lincoln County Oregon

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Sorry to hear about the mess! Sadly, bumble bees are not easy to move and they don't often survive the move. The one thing that might be helpful to know is that bumble bee nests are not perennial and die out each season. Moreover, the species that most frequently nests above ground (it has an orange band on its abdomen) typically crash in early-mid summer. They are generally not aggressive unless directly disturbed, so if waiting a two months is an option, then that might be your best bet. But if it really develops into a problem you can contact the local beekeeper association (I believe Central Coast Beekeepers Association and see if a beekeeper would be willing to come out and move the bees. Again, the chance of bees surviving is low and the beekeeper has no incentive for doing this, but they might be your best option if the problem gets too much to handle. Good luck!