Horsetail Weed

Asked May 20, 2020, 12:32 PM EDT

Please help! How can I get rid of Horsetail weeds in my flower beds? I have been trying for a few years to control it with Poison Ivy RoundUp, but it continues to spread. What can I apply to eliminate it?

Oakland County Michigan

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Thank you for your question. Here are a few resources on controlling horsetail. It is going to take some consistent effort but its possible. And you are correct. Round Up (Glyphosate) is not effective, as noted in this first resource.

The suggestion to dig the area and coat the are with fabric and fresh soil would be nice, but I don't have horsetail in one spot... The horsetail has invaded many of my flower beds. If I cover all exposed areas of the beds with landscape fabric and 3" of mulch would that stop the spread? Does it help to cut the stems? Is there anything I can spray on them that won't kill the plants in the beds?

I don't know any spray other than what this article suggests. I have searched for something else to help. It just isn't going to be a quick solution. You've got to be careful when cutting the stems.

Sorry to keep bugging you - but I was at Bordines and the "expert" there told me to use Crab-E-Rad Plus by Monterey. He said I should mix this with water and dish detergent and using a small paint brush, paint the solution to each stem. A time consuming project - but do you think that would work?

Not familiar with the specific chemical suggested nor do we recommend specific brands. That is the cut a daub method mentioned in several of those articles that were sent. It is an effective method for removing invasives. Good luck.