Mites on deer

Asked May 20, 2020, 11:37 AM EDT

Is there a way to treat the deer around our home, that have mites/fleas ? Like something we could put in cattle feed or a salt block type thing. Something we can do without having to catch the deer they are chewing there hair off

Linn County Oregon

2 Responses

The deer likely have non-native lice involved in deer hair loss syndrome. ODFW has an (older) pamphlet with more information
No, there is nothing you can or should feed them or treat them with. If anything, making sure the deer are not getting human-provided foods (deliberate deer-baiting or inadvertently through bird feeders, etc.) that will encourage them to feed in close proximity and thus spread the infestation. Most deer recover, but they definitely look unkempt as the current haircoat gets broken off.

Thank you we did not know thanks again