Asked May 20, 2020, 10:45 AM EDT

Hi all - As we prepare for mosquito season (I ALWAYS seem to get bit a ton), I’m hoping for a sure-fire way to rid my backyard of them this year without killing my raised garden bed or making it inhospitable to sit on our lawn furniture and enjoy the summer in our stay-in-the-backyard life these days. Help!!

Montgomery County Maryland

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This page includes a lot of information on mosquito prevention, avoidance, and treatment: In general, removing as many breeding sites as possible, encouraging as many natural predators as possible, and protecting yourself with repellents (either sprays or impregnated clothing) is the best multi-pronged approach. The simplest method of keeping biters at bay when sitting outside (if you do not want to use repellent) is to point a fan at yourself; at a moderate breeze, mosquitoes cannot fly and would have a hard time tracking you down based on body heat, body odors, and carbon dioxide (the cues they use to find animals to bite).

A raised garden bed should be no more attractive to mosquitoes than most other areas of the yard. Granted, a person might be more vulnerable to bites there because they are fairly still while tending or harvesting crops. While you unfortunately cannot block-off the garden with netting (as it would exclude the needed pollinators), using personal repellents and long sleeved clothing can help you avoid getting bitten.