Black leaves

Asked May 19, 2020, 8:00 PM EDT

Hi, We are just starting our second your at our new house and already noticed again this year, many of the plants are getting black leaves. The linden tree has an additional symptom. I am not sure it's related but our linden tree is getting small holes in the leaves already. I treated it with a topical fungicide lasted year after many of the leaves were damaged badly (skeleton leaves) and am not sure it really helped but thought it may be Beatles eating so I did not treat with a fungicide this spring. Anyway, the black on the tree as well as other shrubs, such as hydrangeas, starts at the tips and kind of curls back. I can send pictures if it would help. I am hoping you would be able to guide me on how to treat this in an effective and environmentally responsible way. BTW- I noticed many various plants in the neighborhood with this problem (black spots) last year as well. Thanks for any help! Kindest Regards, Brian

Anoka County Minnesota

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The skeletal leaves on your Linden was the calling card of Japanese Beetles. They love Lindens.

The holes in the leaves are from insects, nothing to really worry about.

As far as the blackened leaves, it looks like anthracnose. The curled leaves in the first picture are pretty characteristic. Teh fact that it is widespread through out the neighborhood also says anthracnose. Here is an article on anthracnose from Extension:

I would like to see pictures of the hydrangea.