Bird Nest on Front Door

Asked May 19, 2020, 4:42 PM EDT

Hello! I am not sure what to do here. This nest is located on my wreath at the front door. I read that I am unable to relocate for myself and I don’t want anything to happen to the eggs. It also looks like there are two types of eggs here and the brooding bird is causing a lot of ruckus. Is there a way (or someone) to move the nest safely off the door without causing harm? Can I relocate the whole wreath and hang it from a tree?

Kent County Michigan

1 Response

What you have are brown headed cowbird eggs (brown speckled) in what appears to be a house finch nest. Brown headed cowbirds are parasitic birds laying their eggs in other birds nests and letting the resident mother bird foster their young for them. What to do with the wreath and nest is going to be up to you. If you can't negotiate around it, than you will have to move the wreath and nest yourself, with no other choice. Yes you can hang it on a tree or anywhere else out of the way. Mother will find it and may or may not further it. Read more about brown headed cowbirds here:

Good luck!