Bonfire patio peach tree issues

Asked May 19, 2020, 1:50 PM EDT

Hi my bonfite patio peach tree has leaves turning yellow with a little red and falling off not many have fallen off yet. What is wrong with it and can it be stopped? I have just started to use a fungicide to get rid of any fungus yesterday.

Blair County Pennsylvania

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I'm wondering about peach leaf curl - do you have these symptoms: Infected leaves, which begin appearing in mid-May, are easily distinguished from healthy leaves in that they are puckered and thicker than normal. Deformed areas are red to yellow at first and then turn brown. Eventually the infected leaves fall from the tree.

Any other symptoms? Can you send a picture?

I don't know because once they turn yellow and a little red they become lose so I pull them off. I don't know if it gets pulled off. And when I heard about leaf cuts I used a fungicide is seams to have slowed.

Ok, I am going to send you to a website from Penn State Extension that explains peach leaf curl. If this seems to fit your symptoms, great.

I also wonder if your peach tree was exposed to a late frost.

It was exposed to late frost

That could also be a possibility. Are you in PA?


I would watch to see if the leaves start to come back from frost. You said you already applied a fungicide. If you feel like that it has the symptoms of peach leaf curl as described in the article from Penn State website, then follow the instructions there.

Ok thank you for the help I am pretty sure it is peach leaf curl because it has slowed very much since the fungicide was applied.