Red compost wigglers for sharing or for sale.

Asked May 19, 2020, 10:40 AM EDT

I live in Myrtle Point, OR. and would like to find a local source of worms for my compost. I have taken a vermaculture class in the past and passed my worms on to my friend who bought my house in Goldendale, WA. Looking for a local source to restart my organic compost again.
Loren Fennell

Coos County Oregon

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Your best bet would be to check at local garden centers/nurseries to see if they might have any red wrigglers. They should be Eisenia fetida species (common red wriggler). The OSU Extension office in Myrtle Point is probably closed, but you could give them a call at (541) 572- 5263, to see if they know of a source there in town.

Red wrigglers suitable for vermicomposting/vermaculture can also be picked up or ordered from these two Oregon sources:

Three Trees Farm, Cottage Grove OR -

Wonder Woman, Bend OR -

Also here's a link to a helpful OSU Extension publication - Composting With Worms