Found a bug, Need help identifying.

Asked May 19, 2020, 3:17 AM EDT

Hello! I found a cool bug today and I would like help identifying! I am attaching a photo, but here's my description too: It was black, maybe half an inch long, and had 6 legs, with a long thorax; the tail looked similar to a dragonfly nymph. It had long antennae that seemed to have stripes in them, unless they were segments. In which case, it would have more than 10 segments in the antennae. It was very shiny, with a harder to see wingpad aside from a brown coloration in that segment of the body. Thanks in advance!

Carlton County Minnesota

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This is a rove beetle. While it is a common beetle, they are not often seen because they like to hide under objects, like logs, stones, etc. They are unusual because adults have very short wing covers which causes them to resemble some beetle larvae. Here is a link to information and images on BugGuide.