white rot on garlic

Asked May 18, 2020, 7:21 PM EDT

What is the most effective way to eliminate white rot from raised beds? Is the young, infected, garlic safe to eat if I remove outer leaves and cut roots and part of young cloves off and then use like leeks? Can I use the infected beds to raise other crops safely? Will the white rot destroy plants
other than alliums?

Lane County Oregon

1 Response

This disease affects only alliums: leeks, onions, garlic etc. It has no effect on other crops. Unfortunately that area needs to be marked as the disease may persist in the soil for 30 years. Anything that moves the infested soil, such as wind, water, equipment, boots, etc., will move sclerotia and cause the disease to spread. I could not find information on the toxicity of white rot in humans, but I would not personally eat the garlic.