Common Hackberry Tree

Asked May 18, 2020, 12:38 PM EDT

Hello! I have two Common Hackberry trees next to each other. This spring, they have a bunch of green leaves but some of the branches are dry and brittle. Some of the branches are still alive. The Spring Snow Crabapples just down the sidewalk are doing great. I have attached photos. I am wondering if the Common Hackberry trees are dead or just "late bloomers" for this spring. I realty appreciate your help because I don't want to cut down the trees if they are still alive and well. Thank you so much!

Olmsted County Minnesota

3 Responses

Your tree is still alive wait until mid June before making any decisions. Some trees are just leading out in Hennepin county, others haven’t broken bud yet. Rain and warmer weather and longer days will stimulate leading out.

Thank you so much Evelyn! I did purchase some fertilizer stakes. Should I use those on these trees?

Once your tree leafs out if it looks healthy then it can be fertilized. If it does not look healthy don"t fertilize this year and make sure the trees get an inch of water a week. This will help them thrive. Hackberries are notorious for shedding twigs and branches and this is normal. They also tend to be very vigorous trees and benefit from pruning every few years.