White-grey shiny residue on jade plant

Asked May 18, 2020, 11:51 AM EDT


I have been noticing some bumps on my Jade pant leaves for quite some time but did not pay much attention to it. Then in the past month is took over a number of leaves. most of the residue is on the top of the leaves not much on the underside. I tried to scrape it off but it does not easily come off. the leaves are dry with no sticky exudate. Some turn brown, some become shriveled and fall off. I have had this plant for over 10 years and really want to make it healthy again. Thank you!

New York County New York

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Powdery mildew begins with a faint white fuzz on the leaves and can develop into corky patches like the ones that you are seeing. It usually arises in warm, shady and humid conditions.It is not especially harmful but it is unsightly.

Try to improve air flow around the plant and reduce humidity. For a gentle control, wipe the leaves, top and bottom, with a solution of 1 tsp baking soda and 1/2 tsp plant safe detergent in a gallon of water weekly for several weeks.


Thank you so much for your reply. I moved the plant to a slightly better lit area. We have west facing windows so have late afternoon light which is not much. However, jade has been loosing a lot of leaves lately, especially in the past week or so. The photos attached are just from today's morning. I have to confess that before I heard from you I sprayed the plant with mix of ethanol and dish soap. Wonder if this is the cause. I water the plant once every 2 weeks or so. Thank you again.

So sorry to see this problem! Jade plant leaves are very sensitive to products that are fine for many other succulents. I'm not sure if the black on these leaves is mold from too much humidity or a reaction to the treatment.

I am sending you a link to our fact sheet for jade plant care (http://libguides.nybg.org/crassula). Do your best to provide each of the conditions of care that your plant needs., particularly light, correct watering, fast draining soil and low humidity. Keep it away from drafts of any kind. It is a splendid plant and may recover.