Leaves dropping off cherry tree prematurely

Asked May 18, 2020, 11:47 AM EDT

Last year I planted a cherry tree in June. The leaves developed brown spots and shriveled and died. This happened in early September. This year it has buds. Is there something I should do to prevent a recurrence? Sorry. I can’t find the photos I took.

Washtenaw County Michigan

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Yes, cleaning up around the tree is important. Pick up fallen leaves and keep the area clean as the fungus can overwinter in the leaf debris. Fertilize, best time being right after flowering, and make sure the tree stays properly hydrated throughout the season. Keeping the tree healthy to begin with allows increased energy for it to help defend itself against a host of pests and diseases.

Not always enough however and a preventive fungicide spray routine may be needed when infected with a fungus, one of which is cherry leaf spot. Timing is important, to happen at budbreak and again two weeks later, but too late for that now. Read more here: https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/cherry_leaf_spot_get_an_early_start_on_protection_before_the_fungus_gets_st

Advising to contact a Certified Arborist who could handle everything for you. Find one or more Certified Arborists in your zip code at www.treesaregood.org Click on the Find an Arborist tab. Arborist evaluations are not expensive and where you can learn all about maintaining your tree's health.

Good luck!