White Pine seedlings(attn Rebecca Finneran)

Asked May 18, 2020, 7:22 AM EDT

Thank you so much for further P.Ivy info. No, the candles are not growing that i can see. Certainly not ripe lime green color like others already in the soil from last year. These seem to be same as when i received on the 9th. Fully expecting little to no growth this year. But nowhere online could i find of seedlings, that otherwise were packaged normal, kept moist, but just not planted a month earlier when they shouldve been, will survive the "stunted year". Thanks again

Livingston County Michigan

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I wonder how the plants were handled during the time of delay? If they were kept fully dormant in a cooler, they may just be very slow to push out. That is normal for Woody or perennial stock. The buds still look viable to me, (not frozen off) you may just have to give them some time. I suspect, that even if you lose a few candles, there will be some that emerge and fill out over the summer months.