White Pine seedlings

Asked May 17, 2020, 5:43 PM EDT

First off, thank you for this great avenue for assistance! Ok, ive planted white pine seedlings over the years with good success. But this year, due to Governors delays, the local soil district seedlings were not released until May 9th. I planted Immediately. Healthy soil/water/kept roots wet. But being almost a month late(ideally March/April planting if i couldve), im concerned about their survival. The buds were brown on green, green dissipating. Im certain theyll not grow Any further throughout summer. But do the brown buds on seedlings Mean certain demise? Or do they still come around the next year. Obviously, there are variable factors that can alter the outcome. Just Hoping they come around. Thank you for your assistance. Michael Stohlin Brighton, MI

Livingston County Michigan

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Have the buds (we call these candles) stretched any further out since we have had this warm weather? BTW- the plant you sent in before was NOT poison ivy, but rather, Acer Negundo, box elder.