Mason bees

Asked May 17, 2020, 4:46 PM EDT

We have had Mason bees excavating mud from a bank at the top of our garden for the last few years. It was a Bank that was dug out for a retaining wall which we are building this year. Now I'm worried we are taking away their favourite source of mud. Will they be OK?

Outside United States

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Thank you for your question. Without knowing your location and the type of soil and amount of rain that you have, it is difficult to give you an answer. However, I suspect that these bees did fine before humans arrived, and that they will find a source of mud. You can help them along by keeping a saucer or plant tray full of mud so they can access them. A bubbler, such as one for a bird bath, will work, too. Good luck!

Hi thanks for the reply. I'm in Devon England. We are mostly Devonian shale but there's a spring that runs in winter almost dry in summer but the layer of bank is 5 ft down excavated and stays damp. We have 4 or 5 bees around us all the time where we have been chipping out and moving mud. They are fascinating very endearing litlle folk. And we want them to be able to still have a source of mud so will definitely set something up for them. We think they must nest in an old stone barn ruin behind us as it's only 10m max away from the bank with a native Ash woodland behind

Thanks! Had a lovely visit to your lovely area several decades ago. I understand why you love plants! You may already know this, but here is some info from our University that you might appreciate: Good luck!

That's fantastic, thanks for the info. We grow veg so also grow borage, comfrey and wild flowers for our pollinators along with herbascious perrenial. And we are about to aquire another 200m2 piece of land next to our garden to grow our veg on so will be setting up some more nesting sites if they choose to use them. Thanks for your help. And stay safe during these worrying times.

Thank you. Same to all of you!