Plant Combo container garden

Asked May 17, 2020, 12:50 PM EDT

I planted 2 bush bean plants in the middle, 5 zinnias, and 2 hollyhocks in a 10inch tall x 9inch wide pot. Will this combo be okay? Or will it be too much with the bush bean plant? I found little white mold in soil of seedling containers of zinnias and hollyhocks and had to stick them with the bean pot because I ran out of soil to repot them. I have soil now and want to transplant the beans away from the flowers but I’m afraid of disrupting the roots digging them out of the middle of the pot.

Palm Beach County Florida

1 Response

Your 2 bush beans plants will be able to grow larger and produce more beans if they aren't competing with other plants in that small pot. Plus, the larger the pot, the larger the bean plants will be able to grow. If you can plant each bean plant in its own pot, that would be the best!

Don't worry about disturbing the roots of the plants when you dig them up, because it will be easy to make sure they receive enough water after transplanting. I always recommend having a tray underneath the container so that you can make sure that the potting media is thoroughly saturated each time it's watered!