Cleveland Pear tree

Asked May 17, 2020, 11:56 AM EDT

I have two Cleveland Pear trees that have been in the ground for ~2years and have been healthy. One of the trees did not bloom well this year and is not looking healthy compared to the other one. See attached photos, looking for suggestions on how to treat it, if possible. Thanks.

Monroe County Michigan

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Ornamental pears are non native easily damaged weak structured trees deemed invasive in many states that are also subject to a number of diseases and pests. Numerous trees and shrubs however have been slow to progress this year due to the cold spring and it is possible there is nothing wrong with your tree. Otherwise, while not able to diagnose from this vantage point, a correct diagnosis is the first necessity and a sample could be sent to Diagnostic Services for diagnosis:

Better idea might be to involve a Certified Arborist for an onsite evaluation. Arborist evaluations are not expensive and they can provide any necessary
treatment, if desired. Find one or more Certified Arborist in your zip code at Go to the Find an Arborist tab.

Good luck!