Native ground cover for permaculture garden

Asked May 16, 2020, 9:48 PM EDT

Hello, I recently listened to a presentation on YouTube about soil microbiology and the speaker concluded that for soil health it's best to plant a diverse mix of low-growing native perennial plants, and when you want to plant a crop (I have a very large garden) you simply clear a small section for planting and leave the rest of the ground cover in place. Would you happen to know what I should plant and where I could buy it from? Thanks in advance! Here's a link in case you were interested: Her specific recommendations start at 1:01:15

Marion County Oregon

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Hi: I would suggest getting an opinion on that from the permaculture instructor in the OSU Department of Horticulture, Andrew Millison. His contact information is in the link below:

If you decide you are going to employ native perennial plants in this way, one of the best sources for Willamette Valley native seeds seed is Heritage Seedlings: