Apple cedar fungus

Asked May 16, 2020, 10:06 AM EDT

The trunk of the juniper affected by the fungus has circles rimmed with orange goo. What can we do to protect/save this tree? We noticed dark circles this past winter and didn’t know what it was until we saw the orange gars on the ends of several branches this week. That’s when we noticed the goo around the circles. Also, the juniper berries are falling off the tree. Thanks for your help.

Oakland County Michigan

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The picture you have sent looks like cedar-quince rust, as cedar- apple rust does not have the yellow telia that exude from the bark, as you show in the photo. If you would like to send some additional photos of the signs you are seeing, that might be helpful. If it is cedar-quince rust, pruning out any cankers is the preferred method of control, but that is not always practical if they are on large branches. Removal of host plants is another method of control that is not always practical, as there are so many possible hosts. Lastly, chlorothalonil is effective against rust. This fungicide should be applied in early spring to prevent rust symptoms and signs. Once these are present, fungicides are generally not effective. The following article is a good reference
I hope this is helpful.