Someone’s eating our new dogwood tree

Asked May 15, 2020, 6:32 PM EDT

Please identify the chewing insect ( I think) that’s damaging our dogwood tree and offer options for treatment. Thank you!!

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

The leaf spots you are seeing are a symptoms of a fungal disease called dogwood anthracnose (Elsinoë corni). This is fairly common on flowering dogwood trees in Maryland and tends to be more severe in years when we have very wet spring weather. It is not as much of a problem in drier years. Here is our webpage about this disease and our management recommendations. No chemical control is recommended. Rake and destroy any foliage that falls.

Flowering dogwoods are prone to several problems if they are not growing in optimal conditions. For example, if the tree is located in a full sun area or if we have periods of drought (as we did late last summer) you should provide irrigation to minimize stress on the tree. Refer to our webpage for additional information on care for dogwood trees,