ginkgo biloba tree leaves not emerging

Asked May 15, 2020, 6:02 PM EDT

I have a 15 year old ginkgo biloba that has done well all these years. This spring the leaves are late to emerge and the leaves that are sprouting are brown and fall off when touched.
I don't see bugs or any infestation
I do notice some holes on the trunk

can you advise please?
Fran Cornelius

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania

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I can't tell from the pictures, but will give you some thoughts. Did you have any nights with a good frost over the past few weeks? If so, that can kill the newly emerging leaves. Most trees will invest the energy to put out new leaves, but it will take a few more weeks. Is there anything going on at the base of the tree? Meaning is there a root or twine girdling (constricting) the base of the tree? That will kill a tree. It is one of the biggest problems that I encounter.

Hi Tim
Thanks for your response. There was a couple of nights were we had frost last week. so that may be the case. there is myrtle growing around the base of the tree but no vines or roots constricting the trunk.

If it was frost, what can I do to help recovery?
I also did some reading online and thought it might be nematodes but not sure. What do you think? All surrounding plants are doing well

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There is nothing that can be done for frost damage. The tree will probably invest the energy into pushing out new leaves.

So you don't think that nematodes could be part of the problem?

I have not seen nematodes be a problem on woody plants except in a nursery setting. Those were foliar nematodes splashed around by overhead watering. I have not encountered root nematodes on woody plants in nurseries or landscapes.

Thank you Tim