Round up

Asked May 14, 2020, 8:50 PM EDT

Last summer we used Round-up on a portion of our backyard where we want to garden this summer. How long do you need to wait before it’s safe to plant the garden? Also, we used weed and feed on our lawn a month ago and wondered when it would be safe to plant a garden next to it (we are concerned about run-off). Thank you, Mary Ann Andersen

Washington County Oregon

1 Response

For the roundup last summer, you are safe to plant now. It breaks down quickly.

For the weed and feed, it likely has active ingredients that are not labeled for use around vegetables. If you lawn is a separate area than your garden, then you should be fine to plant. If the lawn is part of the garden in close proximity to the vegetable patch, then call the manufacturer on the label or contact the National Pesticide Information Center

Regardless, you'll want to read the label of the weed and feed product to see what it says about planting near vegetables.

Good luck.