Arborvitae turning yellow branch

Asked May 14, 2020, 8:07 PM EDT

We planted 9 Arborvitae in early spring about May 20th and after about two months there are some yellow branches just started to appear. I watered them every week and if it was rainy I didn't water them at all.
We also made a garden bed at one foot distance to them and I watered the bed frequently with not much water to grow vegetables.
The peak of one or two of them is also getting one small yellow branch.
The temperature fluctuated alot since we planted them.
Is this something serious to follow up and if it is how should I do that with your institution?

Washington County Oregon

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some of this may be a little bit of transplant shock. I do see evidence of bright green new growth which is a good sign the plants are establishing themselves. Yellowing could be a sign of too much or too little water.

I think you meant you planted these in late March (it's not May 20th yet) so it may be time to reduce the frequency of watering to once per week, but you should check to make sure the water is reaching down into the root zone. Since these are newly planted, you will need to make sure these plants get weekly waterings through the summer.

You can cut out the yellowing branches to maintain the look of your hedge.