Safety of preserved lemons

Asked May 14, 2020, 6:10 PM EDT

I have a jar of home preserved lemons that is 7 months old. It has been kept in an environment of about 53 degrees F. The lemons were preserved with salt and covered completely in their own juice and some additional bottled 100% lemon juice. This is a 2 quart jar. There is a bay leaf in it. When I opened it some gas bubbles came up from the bottom, but there is no smell, no mold and it has a pH of between 1 and 2. Is there any risk or are the gas bubbles part of a continuing fermentation? Thanks

Lane County Oregon

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You are probably right that there is some fermentation still occurring even at the temperature you mentioned. It built up small amount of gas that is released as bubbles when you opened the jar. As long as there is no mold, off odor and the lemons are not soft and slimy they should be safe to eat. Might consider storing in the refrigerator as our weather warms up.

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Nellie Oehler