growing spearmint from seed

Asked May 14, 2020, 3:05 PM EDT

no success growing spearmint from seed. My conditions: Plastic containers from yogurt Seed starting mixture. Heating pad. In door lighting, fluorescent tubes 24/7 Watered only when surface was dry . room temperature 65de. F. zero seed germination

Harford County Maryland

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Hi - There could be a couple of reasons for no seed germination. First is the seed depth. Most mint seeds require light for germination. Press the seeds lightly into the top of the seed starting mixture rather than covering them. Also, make sure the seeds do not dry out at any point prior to germination; the growing medium should be constantly moist until germination (it should take ~10 days). Room temperature should be sufficient for germinating mints; you don't need to use the heat mat and the light can be turned off at night. If you did not use fresh seeds, that could be another reason for no germination, as seeds can lose their viability over time.