native ground cover

Asked May 13, 2020, 12:56 PM EDT

I removed a large tree and now my pachysandra are not doing as well as the had when the tree was standing. Keeping the weeds out of the pachysandra is almost a full time job.Is there another ground cover that can do well in mostly sun ? Is there a weed killer I can use that won't harm the pachysandra or another ground cover?

Baltimore County Maryland

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There is no herbicide that you can use on established broad-leaved weeds that will selectively kill them in a pachysandra bed and not kill the pachysandra. Currently, many people are having problems with pachysandra beds dying and/or thinning from disease and weather.

Here is our page on groundcovers (it includes a link to a list with the natives marked with an asterisk): It gives the cultural conditions, such as sun/shade.

There are many outstanding choices. You may want to try patches of several to see which ones flourish best in your site. If they all do, that's good, too.