Does weed b gone last, in its bottle, from year to year?

Asked May 13, 2020, 12:09 PM EDT

Does the potency of weed b gone decrease if I keep left-overs in its original container from one year to the next?

Waukesha County Wisconsin

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The potency of most herbicides does decrease with time. The rate at which they will decrease depends what chemicals are in the container and how well they are stored--particularly after the seal has been broken on the container.

For more specific information on how long your 'Weed-B-Gon' product will last, you will need to contact the manufacturer (Ortho) directly. Ortho makes several different products with the term 'Weed-B-Gon' in them.

When you contact the manufacturer, make sure that you have the entire product label available for reference.

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