Is there anything I can do! Cedar Tree

Asked May 12, 2020, 2:33 PM EDT

What is wrong with my tree? Can I save it? What do I need to do to help it or should I cut it down. So that it will not spread to the other trees.

Moore County North Carolina

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Thank you for your email. I can not tell what the problem is from the picture. I will need a closer look and get some additional information from you as well.
Do you know what variety this is?

I see general yellowing of the front, did it begin at the bottom and move upward? The top and go down? When did this start happening?
Have you had a soil test done in that area in the last 3 years?
Have any treatments been applied to it or nearby? (Fertilizer, weed control, spraying, digging, etc)
I probably need to physically see the tree for a better look - especially inside at the branches for cankers, etc.. You can reach me at and we can go from there.