Unidentified Bug

Asked May 12, 2020, 10:13 AM EDT

I have some bugs that within a day ate all the flowers from my 2 Asian pear trees and are now on my apple trees. The bugs go into the center of the flower and when they are done the flower and stem shrivels up and dies. The tree and leaves on the tree are not harmed. Can you help identify the bug so I can try and prevent the bug for the following year?

Whatcom County Washington

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Hmmm...I've never seen one of those before. It looks like a type of ocellate rove beetle, a pollen eater. They will eat their way through the flower parts before they move to the next flower. They are good pollinators and usually don't damage the flower unless then chew into it when it's still only a bud. They are considered beneficial, and are just doing their jobs. Once the flowers are open, they are advertising for pollinators. Check in a couple weeks to see if you have developing flowers.
You may have something else going on there besides the beetles. Can you get me a photo of the entire tree, then closeups of those dying leaves? Did you have dry brown spots on your pears last year? I'm wondering if your tree has pear scab, a fungal disease common here.