Asked May 12, 2020, 8:03 AM EDT

I am just wondering the charge for mice extermination or any helpful hints I can do to try to get rid of these things. I have done traps even finally got to the point of putting poison everywhere . Have not had mice in the past all of a sudden this past year they're coming from nowhere. I'm not sure if anyone does this with covid-19 going on

Chisago County Minnesota

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Pest control is considered an essential service so companies you might have to call around but some are open. I don’t have any information about prices or availability.

If mice are coming in there is a hole somewhere. Use glue traps along baseboards and in cupboards. Find the hole, obviously. Go over every inch of your foundation and behind and under porches etc. you may want to buy an inspection camera for places you can’t see. Cameras are available on Amazon.