High PH

Asked May 11, 2020, 11:55 PM EDT

Hello, I just got my lawn soil tested and it shows a very high PH. That topped with three big dogs is taking its toll on my backyard. I have seen remedies from microbes, aluminum sulfate, and sulfur to help bring the soil to my acidic levels. Any suggestions would be great. On a side note I plan to seed the bare spots and overseed eventually with a tall fescue blend of that matters at all.

Wright County Minnesota

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Have you determined that soil pH is negatively affecting the lawn? You didn't mention the actual pH but most lawn grasses tolerate a relatively wide pH range.
Practically speaking, it isn't possible to permanently acidify alkaline soil. However, the following website explains how to reduce soil pH for various purposes. Although the information was prepared for Kansas residents most of it also applies to Minnesota.