Iris buds chewed by insects

Asked May 11, 2020, 5:11 PM EDT

Many of my as yet unopened iris buds are being chewed, sometimes right off. The leaves are being chewed too. My neighbor has caterpillars in his conifer that have decimated last year's growth, and the irises are right next to his conifer. Are these related? What can I do for my irises? Thanks for your help

Benton County Oregon

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Slugs and snails and beetles, oh my! The most common caterpillar that affects iris does not reside in the Western U.S., so that leaves usual garden pest suspects. There is a beetle (see below) and slugs and snails can certainly climb that high - but without a photo or a specimen of the pest we can't be certain. Check the buds carefully, early in the morning is best, and you might find tiny slugs or insects doing the damage. Attached are some suggestions.