What is this young beetle looking bug

Asked May 11, 2020, 4:41 PM EDT

These beetles must have recently hatched. I did not see any just a couple of days ago and now they are everywhere. They smell like stink bugs when squashed but the pictures I found on-line had different coloring. Do I need to take action quickly as they are in my flower farm. Thank you, Rhonda

Columbia County Oregon

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This insect goes by several common names, among them the 2-spot stink bug and the hedge-nettle stinkbug. Its Latin name is Cosmopepla conspicillaris. These stink bugs specialize on plants in the genus Stachys.

That said, I'm unable to locate any information about the damage they do (they are sucking insects) and/or their management.

This page has numerous images of the adults (as in your image) and nymphs (youngsters), the black and white ones. (https://bugguide.net/node/view/240276/bgimage)

It's very likely that direct hits of commercial insecticidal soap will limit the nymphs because they are soft-bodied.

Or, if numbers are reasonably limited, flick both adults and nymphs into soapy water.

Oh not another stink bug! Those are terrible already. I already had some Safer brand insecticidal soap on its way and now it can't come soon enough.

Thank you for the quick response.